You Need A New Machine, Now That You’re A Woman!

How to Use a Machine For Making: How to make your own sewing machine, or a tool that you can use in your home, workplace, or in your next DIY project.

How to Cut: How many different cutting tools and materials can you use?

How to use the right blade for your cutting process?

How do you get your cut pieces to look neat?

How does a machine work?

How much time should you spend on each step of your cutting machine making?

How can you help your machine work faster?

How often should you check your cutting time?

How long should you be in the process of cutting?

How should you use the same blade for each step?

How big a cutter can you make?

What tools are needed for each type of cutting process you’re trying to achieve?

How will you know when your machine is done?

What are the tools you’ll need?

How many tools will you need?

What is the best blade for a particular task?

How are you going to make a lot of cuts?

How is the cut work going to look when you’re finished?

How close are you to finishing the job?

How hard will it be to cut?

How important is a good cutting tool?

How critical is it that you keep your cutting tool sharp?

What kind of pressure should be used on the cutting tool to make it sharp?

When to Use Pressure: When you want a sharp cut or how to make cuts with less pressure.

How many cuts should you make before you use pressure?

When should you avoid using pressure?

How fast should you cut?

When can you skip cutting?

When is too much pressure too much?

When do you want to stop cutting?

What pressure can you cut with?

When you need to make sure that you’re cutting with enough pressure.

What is a sharpening wheel?

What do you need for a sharpener?

When will you make your sharpening?

When are you using a sharpened tool?

What type of tool do you usually need?

When and how often should I sharpen?

What types of sharpening tools are recommended?

What’s a sharp object?

What kinds of sharp objects are not recommended?

How sharp is too sharp?

How bad are cuts when the sharpening tool is not sharp enough?

What should I do if I have a sharp knife or cutting knife?

How easy is it to sharpen your knife?

What happens when I use a sharp tool on a sharp blade?

What causes a sharp tip to be left on a knife?

Do I need a sharp or a dull blade?

How dangerous is it for a knife to have a dull tip?

Is there a difference between a sharp and a dull knife?

Which is the most dangerous type of sharp blade for the cutting process.

How much cutting time should I have?

How far should I be from the sharp end?

What materials do I need to work with?

What can you do with a hammer?

What does a hammer do?

What size hammer is right for a tool you’re making?

What material is best for a hammer with a blade?

Is it best to use a hammer to sharp metal?

How strong is a hammer for a machine?

How weak is a tool for a job that needs strong force?

How difficult is it making a job with a sharp hammer?

Is the hammer for making an axe?

Does a hammer need to be sharpened?

What will happen if you use too much force on the hammer?

How about a hammer that can be bent?

What tool does a pick or hammer make?

How would a hammer be used for making a hat?

How might a hammer work in a pinch?

How did the hammer originally come to be?

How good is a drill press?

What would happen if a drill were made of metal?

What might happen if the drill were metal?

Which type of drill is best?

How deep should a drill be to make the proper depth for the hole?

How well do you drill holes?

What about a drill with a hole in it?

How tall is a hole drilled?

What shape does a hole want to be made in?

What hole shape is best to be drilled?

How heavy should a hole be?

What makes a hole strong?

What shapes do holes need to have?

What sort of hole makes a large hole?

What sorts of holes are stronger than a hole?

Which hole types do I want to drill?

What depth should a tool be drilled in?

How thick should a nail be?

Which kind of nail is best in the right place?

What thicknesses can a nail use?

What if I drilled a hole that was too deep?

What goes into a hole where the hole is too deep to drill through?

How small a hole is the right size to be bored through?

When does a nail need to go through a hole to make holes?

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