Why are the Apple Watch’s screen sizes so big?

The Apple Watch will get an updated display, a new battery, a thinner battery, and a bigger battery.

Apple says the new display will be “more comfortable to use” and the new battery will have a bigger capacity, but it won’t be as large as the original one.

Apple is introducing a new power button for the Apple Power Bar, the same one found in the Apple iPhone.

The Power Bar also includes new LED lighting for the Watch’s home button.

The new screen is larger than the Apple’s previous one, but Apple says that it’s smaller than the iPhone 5.

It’s also bigger than the screen size of the Apple TV.

Apple also added new notifications to the Apple watch face, and added an option to skip notifications in the Settings app.

Apple Watch models will be available for $349.

The price is $199 for the base model, and $399 for the higher-end Apple Watch.

Apple says the Watch will be able to run the new watchOS 3 software for the first time, and it will work with the Apple Health app, which Apple says will be the company’s health-tracking app for Apple Watches.

Apple is offering three different versions of Apple Watch: Apple Watch with a 64-bit processor, Apple Watch without a 64_bit processor or Apple Watch 2 with a 32_bit processors.

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