When the power plant shuts down, we need a power pipe bending machine. That’s the story from a man who says he’s found a company that will make it.

When the shutdown of the power plants in West Virginia and North Carolina crippled power supplies across the country, the federal government was forced to purchase and maintain power lines to ensure Americans’ safety and health.

While the problem wasn’t as severe in North Carolina, the state’s utilities were in desperate need of a new, cheaper way to get power to customers.

So in 2014, the Obama administration approved a grant to the West Virginia Power Authority, which runs the region’s electric grid.

The power authority had been looking for a way to buy and maintain its power lines, and after months of searching, the power company found a way.

The grant gave the utility a new business opportunity.

The grant required a new power plant.

The project would be called the “Pipe Crimping press” and would be able to bend pipes at high speeds, with the pipe breaking when it hit a solid object.

In 2017, the pipe was finally completed.

While the Pipe Crimpings press is no longer in service, it’s not entirely forgotten.

On Monday, Pipe Crimps founder and CEO Mark Zuker said he’s hoping to see it at a national event in the near future.

“We hope to have it in front of the White House in 2020 or 2021,” Zukers told Recode.

The Pipe Crimpers press has received more than $5 million in government grants.

The pipe itself is still being designed, and the company hopes to have a prototype in hand by 2021, Zukerman said.

“It’s kind of a milestone in our journey.

The world is watching us and waiting for us to do it,” he said.

But Zukermans goal isn’t just to bring the pipe to the Whitehouse.

“The Pipe Crop is an example of how a company can be a catalyst in making things happen, in terms of making things cheaper, more accessible, and more effective,” Zulkers said.

The pipe that the Pipe Crap is made from is made of stainless steel.

The steel is heated, and when it melts, it turns into pipe.

The Pipe Crammer is made up of a steel plate that’s welded together.

In some of the pipes that the company has built, the welds are just as strong.

And it’s all done by hand.

The pipes are lightweight and durable.

They’re also cheap, making them an attractive investment for businesses and individuals, and Zukerkers hopes to see them on the streets of cities across the United States by the end of 2020.

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