When the new Xbox One S launches next week, it’ll support 3D audio and 3D printing

When Microsoft announced the next-gen Xbox One in November, its biggest news was its ability to print custom software, a key selling point for the machine.

Now, Microsoft has added 3D hardware support to its console, and the company has confirmed that the machine will also support 3-D printing.

3D printed hardware will be available for the new console next week for $399, a $60 premium over what we’re used to seeing for existing consoles.

It’s a big move for Microsoft to get 3D printers into its lineup, especially given the fact that the new consoles are still a ways off.

Microsoft has been pushing its new Xbox hardware as a way to bring in more users to its platform, and 3-to-5-inch controllers are something it can get behind.

The company already sells a 3- to 5-inch version of its controller called the Zune controller, but that doesn’t support 3d printing, and it won’t be able to print any custom hardware with that controller.

Microsoft also announced a new version of the Xbox One controller that supports the same 3D-printed hardware as its previous controllers, but it’s a $50 upgrade.

You can also buy a Zune or Zune Pro controller for $149, or you can get a Z-Series controller for just $179.

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