The top 50 worst jobs in America

As the world faces an uncertain future, some of the world’s biggest companies have been struggling to find new jobs.

In the past few years, many companies have found it hard to find workers in China.

But the United States has also had a tough time keeping pace with the global labor market.

Here are the top 50 jobs that have the most Americans in them.1.

Bending machine maker Hydroulic Press, which makes machines that bend pipes and other products to make them flexible.2.

Power press maker Forging screw presses that use hydraulic tools to shape pipes and metal parts.3.

Sheet bending machine maker Sheet Bends, which sells sheeting to manufacturers.4.

Water pump maker Aquamog, which builds water pumps and other devices for companies such as Caterpillar and Honeywell.5.

Welding machine maker Welding, which uses heat to forge steel into parts.6.

Machinery repair worker Machine repair workers and technicians at some companies.7.

Food service worker Food service workers at some restaurants.8.

Machine toolmaker Machining, which can make and repair machine tools.9.

Woodworking machine maker Woodworking, which includes making, milling, drilling and chiseling tools.10.

Computer technician Computer technicians at many companies.11.

Textiles and textile retailer J.C. Penney, which is among the top-selling brands in the United Kingdom.12.

Office equipment maker Hewlett-Packard and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which together employ more than 4 million people worldwide.13.

Electronics maker Apple, which employs more than 60,000 workers in the U.S. and more than 7,000 in the world.14.

Electronics distributor Pioneer Micronics, which has a $1.9 trillion market value.15.

Textile and textile supplier Zara, which produces and sells women’s clothing, accessories and accessories for men’s clothing.16.

Paper retailer Barnes & Noble, which counts more than 250 million titles in the bookstores and online stores.17.

Foodservice workers at several fast-food restaurants.18.

Paper-cutting machine maker Fingernail Cutter, which cuts paper into strips and uses a rotating saw.19.

Home decor retailer JCPenney, with more than 400 stores in 22 states.20.

Furniture manufacturer Home Depot and Lowe’s.21.

Paper, greeting cards and greeting cards catalog retailer Book Depository, which owns more than 1,500 e-book titles.22.

Home goods retailer J&C, which offers more than 500,000 toys and other accessories.23.

Home-improvement retailer Lowe’s, which averages $3.4 billion in annual sales.24.

Computer hardware manufacturer HP, which also sells computers.25.

Electronics company Apple, with its iconic computers and its iPhones and iPads.26.

Electronic components supplier Apple Computer, with a market value of more than $600 billion.27.

Automotive parts retailer Kia Motors, which provides nearly 20,000 of its vehicles to customers in the US and more more than 6,700 in Europe.28.

Pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, with $19.2 billion in revenue in 2015.29.

Medical device maker Sanofi, which generates revenue of more $4.4 million per day in the Americas and $1 billion in Europe, where sales are growing at a fast clip.30.

Medical equipment maker Advanced Biotherapeutics, with revenue of $8.6 billion in 2015, up more than 9 percent from 2014.31.

Furnace maker HVAC equipment manufacturer ACCO, which earned $8 million in 2015 from its HV-I and HVES products.32.

Automobile parts maker Mercedes-Benz, which sold more than 2 million vehicles in the past year, according to the latest estimates from Autodata.33.

Automated home building firm Lowe’s Home Improvement, which grew its U. S. sales by 5.3 percent in 2015 to $9.1 billion.34.

Pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer, which reported $1,000 million in revenue last year.35.

Medical supply chain company CVS Caremark, which had revenue of almost $5 billion in the first half of 2016.36.

Auto parts retailer Home Depot, which made more than 50,000 vehicles last year, up from 44,000 a year earlier.37.

Health insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield, which saw a 5.2 percent increase in its total revenue to $1 trillion.38.

Automation manufacturer General Motors, with sales of more 25,000 trucks and SUVs in the second half of 2015.39.

Consumer electronics company Apple.40.

Automaking supplier General Motors.41.

Software and data-storage company Adobe Systems, which sees revenue of nearly $10 billion in 2016.42. Home

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