Power press station maker,High speed Napkin making machine maker to invest $1.4M in Texas

POWER — — — Power press maker, High speed napkin making factory and machine maker, will invest $850,000 in Texas over the next three years to build its plant, the company said Wednesday.

The company’s Texas division will make and package high-speed napkin dispensers at its Austin plant, and the new investment will allow the company to expand its manufacturing footprint, said Scott Taylor, president and CEO of Power PowerPress Manufacturing.

Taylor said the company’s $850 million investment will make it one of the largest manufacturers of high-performance high-volume papermaking machines in the country.

He said PowerPress will employ 1,100 people in the Austin area.

PowerPress Manufacturing was founded in 2002 by the former president and former Texas governor, Rick Perry.

PowerPress manufactures all of PowerPress’s high-strength, ultra-high-density papermaking equipment, as well as its machine tools.

Power Press manufactures high-quality, ultra high-density napkins and other products for its customers.

The company also makes napkin and paper products for Texas and the United States.

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