Heavy duty Power Press for $14,990

Power presses are becoming a more common tool in modern manufacturing. 

The latest to take up the mantle is the PowerPress, a machine designed to press metals and plastics for heavy duty manufacturing applications. 

Its makers, CNC Machinery in the US, have a price tag of $14.990 for a full-sized unit. 

“Our goal was to build a system that would fit in the toolbox and allow us to push more complex shapes and applications in the same size toolbox,” CEO Jim Crampton told Business Insider. 

Crampton said he wanted to build something that would be useful in any manufacturing application. 

Power presses can be used for industrial applications like casting, welding, casting metal, casting plastics, casting castings, and even for metal cutting. 

But they can also be used in a range of other tasks, from prototyping and testing to assembly, packaging, and packaging, assembly, and finally shipping. 

One of the key characteristics of a PowerPress is its power. 

 “We wanted to provide the flexibility of a power press, and the weight of a table saw,” Clampton said. 

For this reason, the company designed its machine to be able to use a power bed. 

This power bed was able to press down on the metal without needing to have an actual power source. 

There’s also a separate motor that allows for more torque, which is needed for a machine like the PowerPress to be strong enough to lift and press a heavy object. 

That’s one reason why Cramton says the Powerpress is “so much more” than a tool.

“It’s a whole new machine,” he said.

“It’s more than a table or a table press.

It’s more a power machine.”

The PowerPress was designed with a single goal in mind: to give power tools a new life. 

As you can see from the above image, the machine can press down and lift a 2.25-pound (1 kg) piece of steel. 

However, Crumpton said the machine also allows a user to easily press down larger parts without having to spend time and resources on tools that are heavy. 

Another way to put that is that the PowerTap’s press wheel has a lot more room to move. 

So it’s much easier to get the job done without having tools that can be easily damaged or bent. 

Because the machine is so much more powerful, it can be made smaller, allowing it to be used as a bench press, as well as for prototyping. 

A prototype of the Powertap that is a part of a tool kit. 

Once Cramptons company is ready to start manufacturing, they’ll have to build it and test it. 

At the moment, they have no plans to mass produce the PowerPress, but they will make their way to market once they’re ready to do so. 

And, of course, Cramston expects it to sell well, because the machine has a great price tag. 

You can see a video of the machine in action below. 

Image credit: Cynthia Cramerton.

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